Be a social butterfly...

When I was a teenager, My Mum almost married a man named Paul (long story and not mine, so I shan’t tell it here).  Paul’s parents, Iris and Claude were just lovely.  Sadly Iris passed away a few years ago, but I often think of her when I’m hovering around my dressing table.

Iris, who joyfully considered herself to be our Grandma, always wore a very old cameo ring.  It was beautiful; old gold and a lovely muted apricot face.  At that time she was the only person I knew who wore antique jewellery.  I remember sitting opposite her, eating Christmas dinner, watching as the light seemed to shine through and from this little trinket on her finger; like a little piece of china set in gold.  I think this is where my love affair with cameos began.

A few years later I started my collection with a small cameo ring bought from a cheap high street store.  It was at a time when I couldn’t afford vintage and wouldn’t have known where to begin to look for it.  It really isn’t great.  The image of the lady is far from crisp and the metal turned my finger green!

Over the years my collection has grown with some modern cameos like the one above and a few vintage pieces of varying age; some I have bought for myself and some I have been given as gifts.  I don’t know why I like them so much: there’s just something so classic and elegant about them.

I love these two brooches.  They have different metals and different coloured backgrounds, but the same lady adorns the them both.  I bought the coral one at a local vintage fair and my friend Louise gave me the green one as  Christmas gift….or was it the other way around :-S

I became good friends with a lady who ran the local charity shop and she would save cameo rings, necklaces and brooches for me to have a look at; but by then I had become  a bit more ‘picky’.  I looked for quality, some signs of age and only bought items that I really liked rather than every single one, just for the sake of it.  I bought this coral choker from her.  i’ve worn it, but as a bracelet wrapped around my wrist twice; the choker was just too big a look, even for me!!

This lovely lady is my favourite.  She comes to me with a strange pen-mark, that I’m sure I will one day possess the skills to remove! The lady in it looks as though she’s giving a child, ‘the look’.  You know that ‘stop doing what you are doing before I have to come over there and tell you off’ look??

So this is my collection!!

I don’t wear any of it half as much as I should, but I love them all dearly.

One day, I might find myself a ring just like Iris’, but until then, I have these lovely ladies to admire.

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...