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I know I said I wasn’t going to buy any more china for a while, but……I couldn’t leave these gorgeous bowls on the charity shop shelf.

alfred meakin bowls green and gold trim 1937

I was early for work last Saturday so I popped into The salvation army in Clitheroe on my way through town.  They had some really nice things including some very fancy silver plated kitchen utensils and a lovely jewellery box.  Really I could have spent a fortune in there, but I didn’t, I just spent £7.00 on these Alfred Meakin (yes that’s right Alfred Meakin for £7.00) bowls.

I got a large serving bowl and five individual bowls.  They are cream with a green and gold trim.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure about them at first, but the moment I imagined the large bowl piled high with a jewel-like berry fruit salad, I was sold.  And just imagine those gorgeous colours with all the rich reds and sparkle at christmas, lovely.

alfred meakin bowls green and gold trim 1937

The marking on the bottom of the bowls tells me that this design was produced between 1937 and 1945, which makes them potentially the same age as my lovely Grandma!   I can’t wait to show them to her.  It’s hard to believe that these bowls were around during the second World war.

alfred meakin bowls green and gold trim 1937

I suspect there were once six bowls, but given the age, it’s understandable that one has fallen by the wayside!  There’s a little damage too; some of the colour has worn and there’s some crackling in the glaze, but to me that just adds to the character of these pieces.  Hopefully, I can keep them safe for another 70 years.

alfred meakin 1937 roses kitten

The first step will be to keep them away from our menagerie of animals!!

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...

  • Lancashire Food

    Ooh I love Alfred Meaki, I collect Marigold

    • VintageFolly

      Really? i’d love to see some of it. This style is called Marquis i think but I’m not 100%. i have a few other pieces that I’ll post pictures of, now I know I have a fan 🙂

  • Adam King

    I have 1 large plate, 5 side plates, 5 teacups and 3 saucers exactly the same as these if you’re interested?