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I’m a sucker for collections of any sort.  I’m using the word ‘collections’ to disguise my obvious issue with hoarding china!!  My hand was recently forced into buying this two cup coffee pot, because I happened to have a large milk jug that was the same shape.  Honestly, I don’t find these goodies, these goodies find me.

johnson  bros england pottery vintage collection greydawn green dawn

Both items are charity shop finds but were bought years apart.  The first, a bluey grey colour was bought about two and a half years ago, from a shop in Preston, near the house we lived in at the time.  I used to pop in to see the ladies who worked there on my way to work.  They were (as older ladies often are) baffled as to why I loved all these ‘dusty old fashioned things’ but seemed to look forward to me coming in.  I remember when I bought this, Pauline saying “Oh what a surprise!  We said Rachel would buy this.”  I’m so predictable lol.

johnson bros england greydawn

I recommend that you get to know the people who work in your local charity shop.  Not just because they might save you the prettiest vintage donations, but because they are volunteers.  They give up their time to help other people by doing a job that isn’t always easy….and in my experience they are always really interesting people!

johnson bros england coffee pot greendawn

I picked up the green coffee pot in a charity shop in Wigan a few weeks ago.  We had an hour to kill before a house viewing and spotted a row of little shops as we drove around.

“I mustn’t buy any china, I mustn’t buy any china” I told myself.

“Mummy, you mustn’t buy any china” Beth told me……

…..but it matched my blue jug and it WAS for charity!

johnson bros england jug coffee pot grey dawn greendawn


Don’t they look pretty together 🙂 It’s almost impossible to date these two pieces or for that matter any of the Johnson Brothers ‘Dawn’ collections, because they were produced from 1925……to 1987 :-S  But one way or another they are ‘vintage’ (over 20 years old) and beautiful and mine!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...