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I was shopping recently with my Godmother, Grandmother and daughter.  We were quite the gaggle of mother hens I can tell you!  It was almost Christmas and we were in a strange place near where I live called Botany Bay.  I don’t know why it’s called that; it’s an old, five story, mill building that is nowhere near a beach!

It houses lots of small retail spaces which are filled with everything from designer furniture to hand-knitted baby clothes; from sports memorabilia to vintage Christmas decorations.  For those who dislike shopping, it is a nightmare, for me it is an Aladdin’s Cave!

The sign in the Retro Sweetshop

I bought a few small items for our Home and a number of silk peonies for our Wedding and my Godmother, Auntie Liz found a metal tea set that almost brought her to tears.

Clutching the shiny collection she explained that her Grandmother, therefore my Great Grandmother had one just like it.  You must understand that we are a large family, born of a large family, born of a large family; there are only so many relics to be handed down.  Whenever something is found that even reminds you of past family members, it must be snapped up.

Grandma was moved too and neither could believe the price-tag: £7.00  Personally, (don’t tell them I said so) I’ve never loved metal tea sets.  I don’t like the noise they make and the teapot handle gets too hot.  I prefer my tea sets to look like this…..

…but they were enraptured and I know aswell as anyone how strong the pull of memories can be.

They bought it and then began a discussion on who should have it, Auntie Lizzie stipulating that if Grandma had it, it was to be left to her in her will!!!  I can’t remember who it went home with but I loved the fact that though she may deny it, my Godmother is a stickler for nostalgia!

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...