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You know how Grandmas are softly spoken, how they sit and knit for hours, watch Emmerdale and wear sensible cardigans…..?  Well not my Grandma!!  My Grandma is awesome.  An ex-ballerina, aged 75 she attends 3 keep fit classes a week and a Ballet class.  She listens to Cliff Richard (of course) but is also partial to a spot of Greenday and Lily Allen.  When I am in my 70s, I would like to be like her.

My Mother and I lived with my Grandma until I was 3 or 4 and I lived with her again when I was a teenager.  We had a treat tea once a week and she laid out Breakfast for me every morning complete with cups and saucers and tea in a teapot.  She made me feel so secure that literally all I had to worry about was my GCSE’s, it was wonderful and I got straight A’s.  I really love her.  Grandma was one of seven children and had eight children herself.  I was the first of her Grandchildren to be born, but was followed by 23 more (I think??) and goodness knows how many children and Grandchildren her siblings have altogether  This means that heirlooms are hard to come by, as relics of family members long gone have to be shared out between so many.

Last night, my Grandma gave me this.

This modest little brooch was on my Great Grandma’s coat and after she passed away came into my Grandma’s care.  She has held onto it for years and now, it’s mine to look after.  I  think it’s beautiful.  Grandma, being rather trendy or ‘with it’ as she describes herself ;-p seems confused with my love of vintage!!  Giving me this lovely trinket she said, “you can fasten it to your petticoat somewhere, it doesn’t have to be on show”.  😀 How funny!?  Of course it will be on show.  I have made my own wedding jewellery (which i will show you in just three weeks, I promise) and I plan to attach this as a sort of clasp.  The cut of my dress and the style of my wedding hair means it will be on show all day long and I will be a very proud Bride to be wearing something belonging to my Great Grandma.

I promised her I would take good care of it and I will.  Not only the first Grandchild to be born, I am the first to be married, but I think it’s only right that I offer the brooch as a ‘something borrowed’ to future Brides in our wonderfully large family

Love Rachel
xxxVintage Folly

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Be a social butterfly...