Be a social butterfly...

A pattern is starting to emerge in my dining room dresser.  The contents were not planned, I simply ‘put things away’ when we moved house, but somehow there is a distinct red, white and blue theme.  I notice aswell, that there are more than a few Doctor Seuss-like stripes!!

My fabulous tea-pot could have come straight from ‘Who-ville’!

I collect vintage items…but I’m not a vintage snob: if I like something and I think it is beautiful, I buy it regardless of it’s heritage.  My  beautiful old Staffordshire jug shares a shelf with a modern reproduction.

The difference in quality is evident immediately, but I think they both have their own charm and they both see lots of use.

I’m not an expert either and I suppose that doesn’t matter unless I start spending a considerable amount.  I take my own advice: I only buy perfect items, I never spend more on a vintage item than I would spend on it if it were new and I am not swayed by labels or makers marks.  It’s always nice to discover that something you bought for it’s beauty is actually worth something, but unless you’re actually buying to make a profit, does it really matter?

I bought this oven/casserole dish because it went with my collection, but it’s a confusing piece.  The stripes are raised, like the vintage jug and the colours are spot on, but the Staffordshire mark is stamped on rather than part of the glaze and …….it’s dishwasher safe.    Definitely not particularly old then!!!  I use this dish to slowly bake rhubarb and it turns out perfect every time.


Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...