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A recent article in the Huffington Post complains that vintage has become a marketing word used to sell products to the masses.  In some ways this is true and it is a little bit sad.  When you search ‘vintage’ on Ebay or any other online shopping site, a whole manner of results are returned.  It seems that if it is painted white, if it is more than 2 years old or if it is unusual, it is currently described as vintage.

This makes it hard for those who love and collect vintage items, whether they be from the early-mid twentieth century, or from earlier years, items almost considered antiques.  It also makes it easy for those ‘in the know’, those who have been lucky enough to have found their love of vintage before its recent popularity, to become snobbish and look down on those who are new to the ‘scene’.

I have this to say.  Vintage items, the vintage look, ‘old’ things have not suddenly become more popular simply because fashion dictates it; they have become more popular because the internet allows it.   They have become more popular because men and women all over the World have found a confidence in their own style that they didn’t know existed, they have found communities, outlets and sources of the beautiful things that previously they wouldn’t have known how to find.

Nobody, how ever long established in their field has the right to look down their nose at anyone who is taking an interest the vintage scene.

The vintage scene is largely dominated by women.  Women, when en mass can be terrifying creatures at the best of times, but us women, who confidently prance around in peep-toes and polka-dots, with big hair and scarlet lips, are quite an intimidating group.   I have been shocked over the past year as I embrace my love of Vintage fairs and stores to hear the comments made as someone enters wearing a replica item or a person dares to wear vintage ‘from time to time’ as opposed to every day.

Who employed the vintage police?  It really isn’t everyone who is like this, but sadly it does seem to be the more respected members of the community who choose to voice their less than welcoming opinions.

To all my readers who are ‘dipping their toes in’; welcome.   To the readers who quite like replica vintage clothing as it’s easier to wash; me too!  To those who don’t know a lot about the vintage scene; nobody knows as much as they like to imply.  To those who just like pretty things; lets be friends.  You won’t find any snobbery here.

And to those who feel intimidated by the insurgence of vintage lovers, retailers and writers: don’t push people out of this ‘scene’ who dare to venture in… nice to them.  If you truly believe this recent surge in popularity s a ‘flash in the pan’ then maybe they’ll give you their 1950’s handbag once their bored with it, no?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...