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This is an example of good online Vintage shopping.  I saw this little beauty and fell instantly in love with it.  It was so hard not to purchase it straight away, but I stuck to my rules of online vintage.

I asked to see pictures of the actual item I was buying, not an example: all the pages, any defects and asked the seller to confirm everything.  No writing, no tears, no stains.

The paper is discoloured on the outside fold only and at the back there was a slight fold on one of the corners which now straightened has left a white mark.  Other than that the item was perfect.  So I bought it!!

I jumped for joy when it arrived!  Everything about it is glorious.

The illustrations are a dream and the little notes, such as ‘extra fullness for extra flattery’ can’t fail to make you smile!

Here are examples of colour-ways and the suggestion that an apron could be used as party wear.

Hmm, I’m not sure that Idea caught on?

The pattern sheet includes advertisements for new Rayon Prints and cloth from 39c per yard.  I wonder whether I can source some original 1950’s JC Penny’s fabric to make this apron?

I plan to make one of these aprons for myself but fear not, I wouldn’t dream of cutting up this beautiful item!  I will trace the pattern, so that the original is still intact.

I love the texture of old paper, that lovely grainy quality just makes me feel as though I’m touching another era.  Speaking of quality, this pattern is fantastic! Despite being 60 years old, the colour of the images has n’t been compromised, they are as charming now as I’m sure they were when they first went on sale.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...

  • Madi Hughes

    This pattern is amazing. i’ve been trying to find one of these for ages and i can never find one that hasn’t already been sold. would u consider tracing the pattern and selling it to me? thanks

  • Brandi Dailey

    Have made any of these yet? I’d love to see one!

    • No and I’m a little embarrassed about that! I’ve been so busy with Wedding plans and we’ve recently decided to move house so there’s alot to do!! Also I’m really trying to source some original Penny’s Fabric to make it with – I just think that would be so cute. There’s a lady on Ebay very kindly trying to source some for me. I’ll send you a copy if you fancy one hun? x

  • Sherry Owens

    I, too, found, loved and purchased this pattern. I’ve completed the “trace the pattern” step and am about to embark upon the cutting phase of my first apron from this pattern… terrified because I’m a VERY casual seamstress…