Be a social butterfly...

This weekend we visited a rather wet Crafty Vintage at Hoghton Tower and as always, a few little treats found their way into my shopping bag.

If you’ve ever read my posts or seen any pictures I’ve taken of my home, you’ll know that I have a real soft spot for Pottery.  I bought this set of 4 dinner plates fro the lovely Anne who calls her stall, Retrouvez.


Gold rimmed and decorated with a blue/green pattern, these plates look amazing against my Katie Alice table cloth.

albion pttery plateThe stamp on the bottom doesn’t tell me huge amount, but then again I’m no expert!

albion pottery stamp

It definitely means that the plates weren’t made earlier than 1912, but beyond that I really don’t know.  If you have any information, please pass it on 🙂

retrouvez plates crafty vintage

The plates were, as you can see, a real bargain.  You’d struggle to buy modern plates for this price and yet here I have 4 little pieces of history that we’ll eat our Easter Sunday Lunch from!

Did you find any vintage treats over the weekend?

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...