Be a social butterfly...

I started to write about our wonderful day at Vintage by the Sea, but in the end, the pictures tell the story far better than I ever could.

the midland hotel morecambe

The historic Midland Hotel played host to Vintage by The Sea

vintage blocks

Guess what they sell here ;-P

deck chairs

Time to take the weight off 🙂

1 man band

Marching to the beat of his own drum 🙂

china vintage

Beautiful vintage china trios – I was terrified that they were going to be knocked over as it was so busy!


vintage chaps

The most fantastic vintage chaps – tried to sell us stocking don’t you know ;-P

containers retro vintage

This great mid-century stall was a lovely change to the usual floral offerings (much as I love floral offerings!)

lipstick stop

Lipstick stop!


There was high drama as the lifeboat was called out to sea.  True heroes!

loo picture rockabilly circle skirt

Beth became obsessed with this outfit.  So much so that we bought it and let her put it on straight away for her birthday!!!!


Do the couple match the car or does the car match the couple?  Either way they both look beautiful.


The magpie in me was losing it’s marbles over this stall!


beths favourite car

This is Beth’s favourite car and my favourite Beth.

childrens vintage

We bought a 1940s greetings card from this stall.  It had some amazing pieces.


retro vintage

I just like this picture of me…and it’s my blog so there haha!

 Apart from the sunburn (ouch) we loved every single bit of our day by the sea.  Due to other commitments, we couldn’t attend any of the evening events but next year….we’re going to go to everything!!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...