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handkerchief blackpool tower souvenir vintageI bought these handkerchiefs for just £2.50 each from a Facebook vintage store called ‘Vintage Teatime’.

The seller had lots to choose from but these were my favourites; aren’t they lovely?  It’s prints like these that must’ve inspired Cath Kidston.

handkerchief blackpool souvenir vintage

As a northerner, I’ve been to Blackpool many times.  Nothing beats eating chips out of paper on the prom, followed by candy floss and a go on the 2p machines.

handkerchief blackpool tower souvenir vintage

This handkerchief will have been made in the times before all the hen and stag parties came to town, when Blackpool was still in it’s hey day. That’s not to say that Blackpool is rubbish now!!  Certainly not, but I wish that I could have seen it back then.

handkerchief open air swimming pool blackpool souvenir vintage

handkerchief north pier blackpool souvenir vintage

handkerchief pleasure beach blackpool vintage souvenir

handkerchief promenade blackpool vintage souvenir

The other handkerchief is from London.  I LOVE London.  I wouldn’t want to live there, it’s too busy and expensive for me I’m afraid.  But visiting for work or pleasure is perfect.

handkerchief london souvenir vintage

I’m not 100% sure that I’ve actually seen all the tourist spots on this handkerchief.  I know that’s a little bit shameful in itself, but 9/10 when I’m in the city it’s for a meeting or an event; to visit friends or to see a show.

handkerchief houses of parliament london souvenir vintage

handkerchief windsor castle london souvenir vintage

handkerchief tower bridge london souvenir vintage

handkerchief tower of london souvenir vintage

I really must make some effort to see our capitals attractions :-S or at least work out where they all are.  It’s so embarrassing when foreign tourists ask for directions and I just squirm and admit that I’m only as good as my knowledge of the tube map!  I can direct them to great restaurants and bars, to beautiful parks and vintage markets; I can tell people which underground  line will take them to which station…. but ask me how to get to Buckingham Palace from anywhere other than outside the gates and I’m lost!

handkerchief buckingham palace london souvenir vintage


I was surprised to see how small the handkerchiefs were.  It’s my own fault really.  A handkerchief is bound to be ‘handkerchief sized but for some reason I imagined I’d be able to wear them as head scarves.  Sadly not.  Nevertheless they are beautiful and I’m thinking of making them into lavender drawer fresheners, framing them or even loosely tucking one into Phill’s jacket pocket when we next go out somewhere nice.

The one thing I will not be doing is sneezing and blowing my nose into them!  Yuk!  I know some people prefer it, that it’s better for the environment than all those disposable tissues.  But I just can’t bear the thought of putting snot and bogies in my pocket.  :-S  No thank you.

Have you bought yourself any vintage treats lately?

Love Rachel x

handkerchief flower best wishes from blackpool vintage

PS. The nice lady even sent me this extra one as a treat!

Be a social butterfly...

  • Mancunian Vintage

    They’re in pristine condition aren’t they?! It’s a shame they’re not big enough to wear as headscarves but will make a lovely addition to your wardrobe in one way or another 🙂

    • VintageFolly

      Gorgeous condition…definitely not owned by someone with many sniffles ;-P

  • Amy

    I love that first Blackpool one so so much!

    • VintageFolly

      It’s a bit special, lovely colours in it x

  • Angela Bowron

    the roses on that last hankie are SO pretty!

    • VintageFolly

      I agree, I love the font aswell, so old fashioned and lovely x

  • Happy Homebird

    Love these. I took my son to Blackpool on Saturday, it’s tacky but good. He had a great time. These would look great framed.

    • VintageFolly

      I love a bit of tackiness ;-P Did you see the lights? x

      • Happy Homebird

        Yes we did. It’s a tradition that started when I was a little girl. My boy was squealing away in the back of the car at the big ones towards the end – nursery rhymes that type of thing. Then we had chips at Fleetwood. A great night!

  • AwakeSoul

    I have seen people making blouses out of hankies. However beautiful they may be, you don’t know where they have been and such an idea does not appeal to me. Framed or sewn on something less personal would be my recommendation(such as small tote).