Be a social butterfly...

I remember the day I discovered the word ‘kitchenalia’. I was browsing Ebay for cookie cutters when I came across some ‘vintage’ ones which had the word in their description.  The word basically meant ‘stuff for the kitchen’; rolling pins, weighing scales, pots, pans and storage jars.  I typed it into the search bar and threw the word vintage on the end.

It was like I had stepped into another world.

Honestly my life changed on that day and I discovered a whole new type of collecting.  I love old household things, but I don’t want them around me just because they look nice, I want to use them too.  Collections can take up alot of room and clutter up a house, so if your collectables are useful, then buying lots of them is (almost) guilt free.

This is one of my favourite purchases, a rabbit shaped, aluminium, jelly mould.

It perfectly fits a pint of jelly or blancmange and is brilliant for an Easter party.

When it isn’t being used, it’s stored with my other jelly moulds in a glass cabinet so that I can see it all the time.  Right now, (as it’s Easter and and I’ve brought out anything, bunny, Spring or egg related) it’s living in this little cupboard with my eggs.  It looks so like a rabbit hutch!

There are alot of reproductions out there so I can’t say for sure that this is old, but it’s identical to one that my friend’s Mum has, which she bought in the late 50s / early 60s.  It was pretty grubby when it came to me, bought at a charity shop famous for it’s vintage bits and bobs, so I’m hopeful that it is a vintage piece.

Vintage or not, the results are fantastic!

It tastes alright too ;-P

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...