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I have an unhealthy affection for buttons.  If an item of clothing is damaged or worn out and cannot be salvaged, I harvest all appliqué, lace and buttons from it before it meets it’s end.  I have even been known to cut squares out of the ‘good’ sections of fabric for use in bunting or patchwork but that’s a different story!


I have often mused as to what should become of my lovely buttons 🙁 Well how’s this for ‘upcycling’?  Something new beautiful and festive out of something old (some vintage) that could have found it’s way to a landfill.

Sad as it may be I weighed our buttons!!  We used approx 90 grams.  I include this information as there is nothing worse than starting a project only to discover that you cannot complete it.


It has been next to impossible to get a decent image of our finished article with my camera!  As soon as I have some better ones I will replace these 🙂

Either way here it is.  The spoils of an afternoon spent with my daughter, playing around with colour and shape and copious amounts of PVA glue!  Fancy making one? Here’s how…

You will need

Some ‘strongish’ card.  We used Amazon packaging

Alot of PVA Glue.

Buttons, of various sizes.

Ribbon, string or lace.


2 circular objects to draw around.  We used a plate of 23cm diameter and a bowl of 11cm diameter, which gave us a 6cm space to work in, but you can make wreaths in whatever size you need.

Tissue paper or wrapping paper (optional).


  • Start by drawing your shape onto your card and cutting it out.
  • If you are planning on hanging your wreath in a window (where you will see the back from outside) or if you plan on using alot of translucent buttons, you might want to cover your base in pretty wrapping or tissue paper.  For the brightly coloured wreath, we left the card uncovered.  it made a nice neutral base for all the different colours
  • Glue the larger buttons on first.  It is difficult to arrange them in a random way, but the finished result will look better if you do.

  • Glue the medium sized buttons next.  the buttons sould slightly overhang the cardboard.
  • Fill in the gaps with some small ones.  Overlap the buttons using small and medium ones, to cover any gaps that are too small to fit  small button.

  • Use LOTS of glue! Glue is your friend!  If this decoration is to be brought out for years to come then it needs to be strong, so be generous with your PVA.
  • Allow to dry completely, this may take more than one day.
  • Hang with ribbon, lace or string depending on the style of your wreath.
I should warn you that this craft is quite addictive.  Here’s a slightly more subtle version I made last night.  When dry this one will be hung with lace in a bright window.
Just like this…..
I am considering using the same method to create picturLet me know how yours turn out?!
Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...