Be a social butterfly...

This gorgeous decoration is so simple, it hardly requires instructions, but here they are anyway!  You know how children always want to collect fir cones in the Autumn…well what do you do with them?  One year, Beth and I dipped them in glue and then glitter and tied them onto Christmas presents; this year we made something that we can keep forever.

I say children like to collect fir cones, but grown ups do too, in fact I collected this little lot earlier this year, whilst I was in Aviemore, in the Highlands of Scotland.  It was because they came from such a special place that I was determined to use them to make something I could keep.  For the last month or so, they have lived with some heather, in a glass cake stand on our dining table and now they will be migrating to the living room.


You could dust the fir cones with glitter to make them especially festive, but I’ve decided to leave them as they are so that I can use the garland to decorate the fireplace next Autumn and not have to wait until Christmas.

You will need:

Fir cones of any size, (the small ones seem to work better and as many as you can find, although you can always add more next year)


Ivy or tinsel


  • Start by tying a pice of string of around 12 cm or 5 inches around each cone.  Do this as close to the base as possible.
  • Tie the string tightly so that you can’t see the knot.
  • Measure a length of string that is as wide as your fireplace plus around 50 cm.
  • Start tying the cones onto the string starting in the middle.  Don’t double knot them yet.
  • Keep holding the garland up to the fireplace to see how far you would like it to hang and to check the spacing of the cones.
  • Once you are happy with the positioning, you can double knot the cones and pull tightly.
  • Trim the string on each fir cone.
  • Twist ivy or tinsel along the string, between the fir cones.
  • Attach to your fireplace or shelf, or window, or doorway, or anywhere really!!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...