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I love making decorations and gifts, but I love customising almost as much.  Decoupage is a great way to turn simple cheap baubles, into unique decorations.  Whether you hang them on your tree, display them in a bowl or attach them to gifts, these baubles might just be finishing touch to your Christmas house.

Why not hang baubles from door handles, curtain tie backs or picture frames?

You will need:

Cheap non-shatter baubles

White or cream tissue paper

Patterned, decoupage or tissue paper

PVA glue

Plastic sheet or a thick carrier bag


  • Tear your white/cream tissue paper into pieces of approx 2cm/1 inch, don’t cut it with scissors.
  • Remove the tops from your baubles – see image
  • Paint a little of your bauble with PVA glue and add a piece of tissue, now paint over the piece with even more PVA glue.
  • Don’t worry too much if you have creases and wrinkles, in some ways this adds to the overall effect.
  • Continue this way until you have covered the bauble.  Allow to dry on a plastic bag or sheet – you don’t want any sticking!
  • You may need to repeat this process if the bauble has a very bright colour, the aim is to create a neutral surface.
  • Tear your patterned paper into 2cm / 1 inch pieces.  If your paper has a particularly nice motif, you may like to neatly cut out a couple to stick ontop.
  • Cover your now dry bauble in the patterned paper using the same method as with the white/cream.  Stick on your motifs last if you are using them.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Reattach the tops and thread using thin ribbon.

Hang somewhere in your home and feel very proud of your absolutely unique decoupage baubles.

I used some pretty retro tissue paper from Cath Kidston (hanging from the curtain) and some paper that was wrapped around a recent purchase from All Saints (in the red bathroom).  You could use just about any paper as long as it’s quite thin.  I plan to make some more with old sheet music and maybe even an old dress pattern.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...