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I like giving unexpected little gifts and this is a sweet one.  The tradition of sprinkling oats for the reindeers at Christmas, may have originated in Scotland, but was introduced to me by an old boss of mine, Angela.  She would mix oats and glitter and place in a ribboned, cellophane bag on each of our desks.  My little one was three at the time and thrilled by this new found tradition.

Since then we’ve made a ritual of making reindeer food.  We’ve varied it from year to year, one Christmas, we made a beautifully scented food with dried lavender and chamomile.  This method however, is the one we usually use.

You will need:

Porridge Oats


Different sized glitter

Cake sprinkles


Candy bags,

Gift tags


Tiny bells


  • Combine all of the ingredients in a large bowl.
  • Use less large glitter and more fine sparkles as they blow away more easily
  • Add salt to help keep pathways ice free
  • Add cake sprinkles for colour
  • Fold over the top of each bag
  • Use a ribbon punch to make two holes through the paper.
  • Write the children’s names on the parcel tags and instructions on the back: ‘Sprinkle on your garden path on Christmas Eve.’
  • Remove the string, feed it through the tiny bell and then back through the tag in the same way
  • Feed the string through the holes in the bag, taking care that the name is facing the right way.
  • Tie the strings around the back
  • Cut around 8-10 cm of ribbon ( the more clashing the better!!)
  • Feed the ribbon through the holes and tie.

49 days ’til Christmas!!!

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...