Be a social butterfly...

I’ve seen variations on this idea, floating around the craft world for years, but this is the first time , we’ve had a go.  Beth and I made these sleighs for her cousins.  They cost a couple of pounds to make and are really fun, with all the tiny parcels to wrap.  We decided to give each sleigh with a little Lindt teddy bear to drive it, but that’s just because we think they’re really cute!

You will need:

1 large sweet or chocolate, like a large kitkat

3 small packets of sweets, like boxes of smarties or maoam.

2 candy canes

3 types of wrapping paper.

sticky tape


  • Wrap your small sweets in each of the three different papers
  • Wrap the large chocolate.
  • On the ‘messy side’ Attach the two candy canes, as in the picture.
  • Arrange the 3 small parcels on your sleigh.  Stick them down with double sided sticky tape or looped sticky tape.
  • You can either leave them as they are or add ribbons, tags and bows.  We thought they looked quite sweet as they were, but our obsessive decorating might get the better of us yet!
Beth and I were thinking of different things you could do with this idea…..perhaps a supersize version…watch this space!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...