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I’m becoming a little bit obsessed with foodie gifts in jars :-S

I have a feeling that alot of my friends and family will be receiving edible gifts this Christmas!  This spiced milk mix tastes alot like egg nog, minus the alchohol and eggs.  Cinnamon Milk is simple to make and with a little bit of dressing up, will make a lovely gift.

TOP TIP: If you (or the recipient) have problems sleeping, try substituting the cinnamon with nutmeg.  Nutmeg is a gentle sedative and adds a warming flavour to the mix.

I use empty Carte Noire coffee jars.  These are the small ones and the recipe below makes 2 jars.

You Will Need:

Measuring cups.

1 1/2 dried skimmed milk

3/4 coffee mate (coffee creamer)

3/4 cup caster sugar

2 – 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon

fabric, ribbon and parcel tags


  • Wash jars in hot water and dry thoroughly
  • Pour all ingredients into a large bowl
  • Combine well and spoon into jars using a funnel
  • Mix in between additions to ensure an equal mixture of ingredients go into each jar.
  • Tap the jar onto a firm surface to settle contents.
  • Lay the lid on a piece of fabric and cut a square with at least an inch allowance all the way around
  • Fold the square of fabric into 4 and then fold again.
  • Cut the curve into the outside edge and unfold the fabric which should now be a circle.
  • Place ontop of the jar lid and secure with an elastic band or string
  • Cobver the band or string with ribbon and add a parcel tag.
Instructions for recipient:
Mix 1/3 of a mug with hot water  🙂

Make sure you make a jar for yourself, because Cinnamon milk is just yummy!

Love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...