Be a social butterfly...

I think most of us like a drink at Christmas.  Whether it’s Bucks fizz with Christmas breakfast (my family) or a glass of Sherry before bed on New Year’s Eve (my Grandma); it’s seems Christmas is the season to be tipsy!

Well if you’re going to indulge, you might aswell indulge in something a little bit special.  I love infused vodka and this is a particularly Christmassy infusion.  Candy Cane vodka is a sweet, sharp and fabulously camp drink; the colour of pink sherbert.  I plan to use it to make a very special cocktail for our guests this weekend, so check back for that!

You will need:

500ml of good vodka (cheaper vodka doesn’t infuse as well and gives you a much worse headache!)

7 full size candy canes

a large glass jar

a glass bottle

a funnel


  • Roughly break up the candy canes and place in the bottom of the jar
  • Cover with 500 ml of vodka
  • Stir well
  • Seal and leave to infuse for an hour.
  • Stirring and leave to infuse again
  • Once the candy canes have dissolved, use a funnel to pour the vodka into the bottle.
  • Continue to shake the bottle daily and before serving.

Don’t drink too much! 😛


Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...