Be a social butterfly...


I was invited to spend an afternoon crafting with Ministry of Craft and of course I jumped at the chance.  Though as the afternoon would follow an evening of eating, drinking and being merry at my friend Clare’s house…

yummy mummies christmas party 2014

…I did worry that gluing and sticking might be the last thing on my mind :-S

Pssst – look how beautifully my friend Clare laid her table for twenty two!

yummy mummies christmas party 2014  table decoration

As it happened, I survived the evening relatively unscathed and made my way to Fred Aldous in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.  There I met the other bloggers who’d been invited and Tanah, Jennifer and Jeanette who would look after us.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a relaxing crafting experience!!  No dog jumping up for a cuddle or cats tip going over buttons and beads, no doorbell ringing or washing machine whirring, they even told me off when I tried to clear up after myself. “Relax” they said “go and eat some tea and cake.”  Now I don’t like arguments so I did as I was told 🙂

We were decorating stockings.  The basic stockage was ready made out of red felt and we had lots of decorating supplies to choose from.

fabric ministry of craft

butchers twine fred aldous

vintage buttons


We were given our choice of templates, snowmen, reindeer, stars etc and we were shown how to use bond web, which was a revelation for me (for those who don’t know, I feel a how-to video coming on!).

I chose a reindeer shape, some buttons and a piece of golden paisley fabric.

ministry of craft


I attached the reindeer with bonda web and then used this amazing piece of kit to ‘bling the antlers.

bling machine

You pick up the jewels by touching them with the end of the ‘wand’  then you wait a second or two while the glue bubbles before placing it on the fabric.  The jewel sticks instantly.

ministry of craft

It’s amazing and I want one!

ministry of craft reindeer buttons

I gave the reindeers sight and smell using vintage buttons and added eye lashes with embroidery thread.

ministry of craft reindeer stocking

Then I added gold trim and a row of red vintage buttons.

gumi ministry of craft reindeer stocking

I’m quite proud of it actually – here’s the offerings from the whole group.

GUMI ministry of craft stocking craftWhat do you think?

I’d love you to check in on the other bloggers – search #GUMI on Twitter to see what everyone else has been up to.

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...