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Air fresheners are ugly aren’t they?  You have a lovely shelf or cupboard and then there it is….a big ugly air freshener.  Even the ones that have been ‘disguised’ as rocks or vases aren’t much prettier or certainly they don’t look pretty next to vintage ornaments, delicate vases or beautiful old books.   I applaud the air freshener companies for trying, but for me…’s just not working.

Even the smells aren’t always great!  Maybe synthetic rose is what you want your house to smell like?  I doubt it.  We have a few plug in air fresheners in our house, partly because the vanilla scent reminds me of my Grandma and partly because without them, the house would smell horrendous!!  You see not only does our dog enjoy rolling around in sheep poo when she goes on walks, but Gracie is about to come into season again and my goodness does she stink!!  She. Always. Smells.  And wet dog smells worse than dirty dog!  I think dogs are the only animals that smell worse AFTER they’ve had a wash.  Actually, there are times when I think synthetic rose would be better than smelly dog!!

But some of the chemicals in air fresheners are really quite bad for you.  I used to visit a house with a motion activated air freshener.  It sprayed tear gas every time you walked past it usually in my eye  and made a weird, almost frustrated sighing noise.  I would always leave with a head ache and it wasn’t until I did a bit of research into what goes into this products, that I realised why.  I’m told that some people are sensitive to all air fresheners, so what do they do when they have a stinky dog in the house when they want to freshen up their home?

Well here is an idea that I hope will help.  It’s a home made air freshener, free of nasty chemicals, that will look quite sweet on your shelf and can be made to match your room.

You will need:

A small- medium sized kilner jar.  Not the flip top jars but one with a two piece lid ( a screw on part and a flat disc) like this one

Some netting/lace/muslin

Some ribbon or string

Bicarbonate of Soda

A few drops of your favourite essential oil.


  • Take the lid of your jar apart and save the disc (you might want to use the jar for something else at a later date?
  • Lay the screw part onto your fabric and mark a circle around it leaving around an inch of excess
  • Fill your jar half full with bicarbonate of soda and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil
  • Stir
  • Lay the fabric over the mouth of the jar, if necessary secure with an elastic band
  • Screw the lip onto the jar to hold the fabric in place.
  • Add a ribbon or string to match the decor of your room

This home made air freshener should eliminate odours quite well for around 4 months, when you’ll need to replace the contents.  If you have a particularly pongy moment, just give the jar a gentle shake/swirl to release the essential oils.

No nasty chemicals

No ugly contraption

No stinky smells


Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...