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Now that the weather is starting to improve (I shouldn’t tempt fate really!), I can start pegging washing out again!  I do get excited by little things 🙂

If the sun is shining, I almost feel like I’m missing a trick if I don’t have a line of washing drying in the breeze.

I’d been storing our pegs in the worst place ever…..on the washing line!  It looked messy and meant that the pegs would need to be thrown away and replaced often.  I saw lots of peg bags around in the shops, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy one.  I always had a little voice in my head saying “I could make that” and at long last…I did!

The truth is anyone can make that!  It’s very simple, all you need is a small coat hanger, some fabric, a needle and thread.  It’s quicker with a sewing machine, but you don’t need one and the trims make the finished product look prettier, but you don’t have to have them.  I suspect though that most of you will get carried away with trims and finishings and why not?! If we have to peg washing out, why not brighten up the task??

You Will Need

A small plastic (child’s) hanger

Around 70cm / 40 cm of brightly coloured fabric (any will do but thicker fabric will hang better)

Around 50 cm bias binding

Buttons and brightly coloured thread


  • Lay your hanger at the top of your fabric.  Leave a gap of a couple of cm / 1 inch from the edge.
  • Draw around the triangle shape of the hanger.
  • Cut around this triangle and then fold the fabric over so that you can draw around the shape again

  • Lay the hanger over the fabric as shown in the picture above.  Where the corner of the hanger lies, will be the bottom of your peg bag.   Mark this out and cut.
  • You should now have a shape like this.
  • Fold one of the ‘halves’ in half and cut a slit across.  The opening should be around two thirds from the bottom and should leave a gap of a couple of inches at each side.
  • Fold the whole piece in half with the pattern on the inside and pin together.
  • Round the corners and pin together.
  • Sew around the whole piece leaving a small gap at the very top for the hanger to poke through.
  • Turn the fabric ‘right side out’.
  • Now you need to make the opening nice and neat.
  • Cut two lengths of bias binding equal to the length of the opening

  • Place the bias binding over the bottom opening, pin and sew into place.

  • Repeat the process for the top.
  • Choose two buttons to sew onto the corners of the gap.  This neatens up the finished product and makes the opening nice and strong.

  • Why not use co0ordinating buttons and thread, or go crazy with clashing colours.

  • Wiggle the hanger into the peg bag through the opening.
  • Finish the bag with any added buttons and trims you like.

I hope this is easy enough to follow….it was actually really hard to work out how to describe the different steps.  If I get better at explaining myself, I may come back and re-vist this how to guide and re-write it for you!!

Thank you for being here.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...