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When I was a very little girl, we used to make bath salts for Grandma by mixing epsom salts with food colouring and decorating little jars.  I’ve always thought it was a nice gift and intended to do it with Beth but until very recently I hadn’t.

Now that I’m allegedly a grown up, I’m not sure I’m an advocate of putting food colouring in the bath!?  I’m sure it wouldn’t do any harm, but it just seems a bit weird, no?  I think there are other ways to make bath salts pretty and I think that this method makes them pretty fabulous!

So why are Epsom Salts worth giving as a gift?  Firstly anything that encourages someone to take a little time for themselves and relax in the bath has to be a good thing!  But it’s a bit more scientific than that 🙂

Epsom Salts are made of magnesium sulfate, which when absorbed through the skin, draws toxins from the body, relaxes muscles, is an emollient, sedates the nervous system, reduces swelling, exfoliates …etc….etc …

What are you waiting for???  Go and get some!!

You Will Need

Epsom Salts (the standard pot seems to be 300g so this guide is for that amount)

18 drops lavender essential oil

2 1/2 tablespoons dried lavender

A sprinkle of other dried petals


  • Couldn’t be simpler!  Place the salts in a bowl and add the lavender oil.
  • Stir until there are no lumps
  • Add the lavender flowers and any other petals you want to use (be aware of allergies etc)
  • Pour the salts into a jar and decorate

As a Mum, I’d be happy to receive something like this and I’m sure lots of other Mums, Step-Mums, Grandmas, Great Grandmas, Aunties and Godmothers would too!!

Beth and I had great fun mixing this up, it smells amazing!! We had a little leftover after this jar was filled, so I might even treat myself to a bath tonight 🙂

love Rachel



Be a social butterfly...