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I am a regular Ebay shopper and love to look at all the ‘vintage’ and hand made jewellery in particular.  I have seen a great number of shops selling vintage button rings.  I would hazard a guess that the majority of these ‘vintage’ buttons are not vintage at all!

In addition, though all of the button rings available are pretty (some really pretty) there are very few that I would consider wearable.  Most were, in my opinion, better suited to teenagers.

I decided to make some that I would be proud to add to my jewellery collection using vintage brass buttons, aswell as one or two for Bethany and my nieces.

You Will Need:

Epoxy Resin.

2 medicine syringes.

A disposable plastic cup.

Adjustable ring blanks.

A selection of flat backed buttons:this means the ones with holes in rather than the ones with a ‘sticky out bit’ on the back.


  • First select and clean your buttons.
  • Lay out a ring blank next to each button you plan to use, on a piece of clean paper.  Lay the button ‘right’ side down.
  • It is best to have everything prepared before you mix the resin as you will only have a limited time to use it (10-15 minutes).
  • If you want to create a layered look as I’ve done here.. would need to be sure that the top button is flat enough to balance the ring whilst the resin dries, or be prepared to add the top button at a later date once the bottom button is attached.
  • Follow the instructions on your resin.  Generally speaking you would mix 1 part of hardener to 5 parts resin.  Use one medicine syringe for the resin, one for the hardener.  Combine the two parts in the plastic cup and use immediately.
  • Don’t mix huge amounts as once the two parts are combined the resin cannot be stored.
  • Apply an amount of resin to the ring blank sufficient the cover the flat surface and secure to the centre of the button.
  • Allow to dry with the button facing down.
  • After several hours the resin will have hardened and will become harder over the next week.

The possibilities are endless!

Here I’ve used dragon0fly shaped buttons to make children’s rings:

I’d love to see what you create.

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...