Be a social butterfly...

Alot of my friends, infact alot of women (and men!) my age are embracing their creative side.  Traditional skills and past-times such as sewing, baking and crafting are happily becoming increasingly fashionable.

It’s really surprising to hear that so many of my friends Mums are only just catching the creative bug!  This sewing kit in a jar is an ideal handmade gift for Mother’s Day.  It contains enough essentials to work as a starter kit or as a mini kit for a holiday home or office.

A Kilner jar (the type with the two part lid) would work best for this project but they weren’t available where I live :-S  If like me, you can’t find a Kilner jar, any other jar will be fine.

You Will Need:

A medium jar

Some light weight cotton, a square twice as wide as the lid of your jar


Strong Glue


Rubber bands

Sewing essentials : scissors, needles, pins, thread, measuring tape, buttons


  • Lay the wadding on the jar lid and glue loosely
  • Spread a little glue around the edge of the jar lid.
  • Cover with fabric.
  • Secure with a couple of rubber bands and allow the glue to dry.
  • Trim the fabric leaving a couple of inches
  • Turn the lid upside down and glue the excess fabric to the underneath.
  • Cut out a circle of fabric to fit inside the jar lid and glue in place.
  • Allow the lid to dry well.
  • Add a trim around the edge.
  • Fill with goodies!
You could tailor this kit to whatever a person enjoys doing.  Use different ribbons, buttons and thread to reflect their personality and wait and see what they create.
Hope you’re having a great week.
Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...