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This post doesn’t just tell you how to make envelopes, it tells you how to make the fanciest, poshest envelopes EVER!

Handmade emvelopes how to make craft chintz floral paper

I love stationary – there I said it.

I know I sound a bit weird and maybe a bit boring but I do, I love stationary.   Although I don’t really write letters and I’m notorious for forgetting to post birthday cards (oops) – I have all the best intentions – my drawer full of notes, cards and stamps is testament to that.

Handmade storage folder

Anyway I’m trying to get better at it and I think the first step towards getting into a new habbit is to make it your own and find pleasure in it.  So I decided that from now on, all correspondence I send will be beautiful…..except maybe bill payments.

Hence I made these smashing envelopes 🙂

Small handmade envelopes paper craft how to chintz

They look very, very posh and expensive but they are in actual fact quick and cheap to make in any size that you need.   I’ve bought paper specifically to make envelopes with, but you could use wallpaper, old maps, anything you like really.   Paper that’s printed on both sides looks extra special or you could get the same effect by using two pieces of patterned paper laid back to back.

Handmade envelope paper craft how to chintz

You Will Need:

Some paper!

A ruler

Sharp scissors

Glue stick

Tape / stickers to seal

How to make envelopes


  • Use your ruler to measure the halfway point along each edge and mark 5mm at either side for small envelopes and 1cm either side for larger ones.

How to make envelopes

  • Fold in each corner, furthest mark to furthest mark, like this.

How to make envelopes

  • Use a ruler to make your edges very crisp.

How to make envelopes

  •  You should now have created a square in the middle with four small triangles at each of it’s corners.

How to make envelopes

  • Snip out the corners as neatly as you can

How to make envelopes

  • Fold in two of the large traingles.

How to make envelopes

  • Now fold up the bottom.  This will be the shape of your envelope.

How to make envelopes

  • Use the glue stick to carefully stick the bottom triangle to the two side triangles.
  • When you’re ready to use it, seal your envelope using glue or tape.  Sparkly washi tape looks good….

How to make envelopes

….or if you feel the need to be as twee and OTT as me, then get some personlised stickers  ?

How to make envelopes

Your envelopes are perfect for sending handmade cards and letter but you can also use them to store certificates, photos, tickets…anything really.

Love Rachel





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