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It’s been waaaay too long since I last posted a ‘how to’, but I’m back and slightly more\consistent nap times at our house mean I might get to make a little something, a little more often 🙂

So here’s an easy one for you and one that fairytale lovers will adore.  I’m going to show you how I made Dorothy’s fairy lanterns.

how to make fairy lanterns night lights jar

These jars of pixie goodness have been doing the rounds on the t’interweb for a while now and with a literary themed nursery, it was only a matter of time before I made a few.  They’re pretty and pretty simple to make but be warned, once you’ve made one, you may find they multiply pretty quickly.   The magic light comes from a battery operated tea light.  They’re really cheap and have a flame-like flicker to them, which when placed in a jar of glitter, looks like the glow of pixie dust.  I left one on to see how long it lasted and would you believe it was still flickering away three days later – admittedly some of the magic had faded 😉

how to make fairy lanterns night lights jar

These lanterns are perfect for a children’s room, the garden or even as party decorations.  You could mix things up by using different coloured paint or glitter.  I had a few attempts at creating the lanterns and initially made the lanterns by covering the jars with tissue paper but while they looked pretty in the dark, the finish was a bit messy during the day.

how to make fairy lanterns night lights jar

You will need: 

A jar (I bought my massive one from Spar – it was filled with pickled gherkins and I was very, very pregnant)

White poster paint


PVA glue

Fine glitter

A fairy silhouette – you can cut one yourself or buy them ready cut as I did.

A battery powered tea light

Lid decorations – flowers, fabric, blackboard paint (optional)

Glue dots (optional)

how to make fairy lanterns night lights jar


  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your jar
  • Using the sponge, dab paint onto the inside of the jar.  Don’t worry if it ends up smearing
  • Sponge paint on to the outside of the jar.  Allow to dry fully
  • Once dry stick your fairy inside using a glue dot or more PVA.  Take note of the shape of the fairy when positioning it inside, for example a seated fairy should be sat on the bottom of the jar.
  • Cover the jar with glue but leave a circle around the fairy.
  • Sprinkle with glitter.

how to make fairy lanterns night lights jar

  • Allow to dry and then place the tea light inside.
  • Decorate the lid if you like, but be sure that it’s easily removable to replace the tea light.

how to make fairy lanterns night lights jar

Aren’t they gorgeous!?  I’m getting a bit carried away making them – but I’ve always been a fan of fairies 😉

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...