Be a social butterfly...


We’ve received another craft box from Bostik and this challenge isn’t getting any easier!!!  Look at what they’ve sent me this time!

craft box bostik

We’ll be making a few bits and bobs with this little lot, but our first project was a treat for the kittens…


….well look, wouldn’t you want to treat them?

The fishing rod went down a treat, especially with Jim who was happy to pose for photos!

jim the kitten playing with his hand made cat toy fishing rod

You Will Need:




Large sequins

Glue stick

A stick (a strong kebab stick will be fine)

Stuffing (I used lint from the tumble dryer!)

A darning needle

jim the kitten playing with his hand made cat toy fishing rod


  • Cut two  identical fish shapes

felt fish shapes

  • Sew a small bead on each fish shape.  make sure they are very secure.

add a beady eye

  • Begin to sew the two fish shapes together until you have almost joined the two sides together.

leave a gap for stuffing

  • Take a long piece of yarn and tie a bead on the end.

bead a string

  • Place the bead inside and feed the loose end of yarn through the nose.  This will make sure that the fish cant fall off the end!

slot it into the fish

  • Stuff the fish with yard using the end of the kebab stick to push it into the tail.
  • Sew up the gap

sew up the gap

  • Thread a few sequins onto the yarn that is now coming out of the fish’s nose and add some beads, securing well.

final product cat toy fish handmade craft

  • Tie to the kebab stick and secure with some glue stick.  Cover the knot and glue with a bead.


  • Present to your kitten!

jim the kitten playing with his hand made cat toy fishing rod

NB:  As with all hand made toys, be they for children or animals, you must keep a close eye on them during play and regularly check the toy for loose items.

The kittens love this toy so much, that we’re going to have to make two more, so that they can have one each when they go to their forever homes.

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...