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Here’s how to make a pillowcase dress (courtesy of Dress A Girl Around The World)

1) Use a new or gently used pillowcase.

Cut along the top of the pillowcase (where it is sewn together–opposite of the open end).

This will become the top of the dress.

2) Lay the pillow case flat and measure J-shaped armholes at the top corners

3 to 4″X 3 to 4″-depending upon the size of the pillowcase

3) Make casing by turning the top of the cut edge under ¼ ” and then another ¼”.

Iron in place—it needs to be wide enough so that 1/4″ to 1/2″ wide elastic pieces will slide through easily.

Sew close to the edge.

Repeat this step for the back of the dress.

You should now have a casing on both sides at the top of each side of the pillowcase.

4) Cut 2 pieces of ¼” or ½” elastic, each 7 inches long.

Attach a safety pin to one end of one of the cut pieces of elastic and pull it through the casing using caution not to pull it too far.

Sew across each end of the casing to hold the elastic in place. Repeat this step for the other side. You should now have a gathered top on both the front and back of the dress.   (Make sure you remove the safety pin).

5) Using double-fold bias tape, cut 2 pieces approximately 32-34”long. These will bind the armholes and become the ties at the shoulders, so they should be long enough to tie a bow at the top.

6) Fold one tie in half to find the centre and line it up with the centre of the armhole–then work outward from there to both sides.

Pin the open ends of the bias tape over the raw edges of the armhole–the ties will extend evenly over each top.

7) Fold the raw edges of the ends of the bias tape inside and when you sew along the tape you will catch them.  Tie your ties and your dress is finished!
If you need a use for your dress…click here

Be a social butterfly...