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I have been finding it so difficult NOT to tell you all every single detail about our upcoming wedding.  This has been particularly difficult because a lot of my crafting recently has been wedding related.  I’ve decided to give in to temptation and show you all just one little thing that I’ve made for our guests.

Aren’t these adorable!?  I got the idea about a year ago from one of my millions of Wedding Magazines and decided to have a go at making some.   The method is so simple it barely needs a ‘how-to’ guide but here it is anyway.

You will Need:

Medium weight card (I used blank greetings cards: the perfect thickness and each half is already cut to the correct length.

Mini Alphabet Stamps

Black ink Pad

Short kebab sticks or fondue sticks

Glue Stick


  • Cut your card into strips around 2cm or approximately 3/4 inch thick and 10 – 12cm long or approximately 4 inches long.
  • Fold in half
  • Stamp your message on each half, leaving around a 1.5 cm or 1/2 inch in the middle.
  • Snip the ‘sharp end’ off your sticks (we don’t want any accidents!!)
  • Apply glue to the back of your card and to what was the ‘sharp end’ of your stick.
  • Fold the card around and squeeze the sides together
  • Allow to dry flat.
  • Cut out a triangle to create a flag shape.
  • I got a lot of my bits and bobs from a local Craft store but the stamps were from Ebay.

I love these!  I’m definitely going to make variations of them for birthdays and Christmas!

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...