Be a social butterfly...

I’m a hopeless romantic….I’m also a bit of a skinflint ;-P

I had often looked in horror at the price of dried flower confetti and the moment my lovely Phill proposed I decided that I would dry every flower he bought me from that day on, to be used as confetti on our Wedding day….and I did just that.

The method of drying varied depending on the flower.  Roses were hung upside down once they had begin to wilt, bulbs like Narcissi or Hyacinth were allowed to dry whilst still in pots and when it came to smaller petalled blooms such as Chrysanthemums or Tulips, I just played it by ear; if they looked like they were drying nicely in the vase…I just left them.  I used some of my vast store of Lavender too.

I ordered some mini rose-buds aswell as I was concerned there would be a shortfall, but I needn’t have worried, my lovely Husband was very generous with flowers during our Engagement!

The night before the Wedding, my good friends Kat, Donna and Maggie, ever generous with their time, helped me to roll countless cones from brown parcel wrap.  These were filled on the morning ready to give to our guests and believe me, the smell was just amazing.

I’m not sure everyone realised as they pelted us with petals, that they were showering us with 18 months worth of romantic gestures?  We knew and it felt so special.

We tried a few folding methods and this one seemed to be the most successful.

  • Cut a square piece of brown parcel wrap around 20-25 cm squared.
  • fold one corner around 3 cm inwards.
  • Roll from left to right into a cone shape
  • Secure with sticky tape.
  • Fold the bottom up slightly (less than 1cm) and squeeze.
  • Use to fill a big bask and give to your guests!!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...