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I’ve only recently started to be referred to as a mummy blogger.  I’ve been a mummy the whole time I’ve blogged but I think when people imagine mummy bloggers, they think of those with little ones.  So now that we have one in our house ? we’ve finally started to be invited to parent blogger events.

We attended our first a couple of weeks ago with Dyson.

Dyson glitter baby feet

I took Beth and Dottie.  As expected, Beth was the oldest and Dottie the youngest there, but both had a great time.


Beth got to meet two of Dyson’s inventors (engineers) who taught her about the Conetic Big Ball vacuum cleaner which won’t topple over no matter how much you drag/kick/punch it.  They even showed us a little craft to demonstrate the technology that makes this possible.

Behold our wobbly eggs!

Yes I was very, very happy with them!

We were also introduced to their new air purifier which doubles up as a fan.

Now I’ve always thought that this sort of thing was a bit excessive but the engineer explained that the machine could combat air events, neutralising them and making the air lovely and clean.  I immediately thought about the kind of ‘events’ that happen in our house (burnt toast, teenage overuse of hairsprays,  Dottie’s bottom…her Daddy’s bottom) and started to seriously consider the merits.

Dyson air purifier

The safety aspect is impressive too. Apparently a girl at Beth’s school recently got her hair caught in a traditional fan ?

I know.  Just the thought of that makes me wince!

The Dyson engineer didn’t teach us how the purifier worked (I’m sure he could have told us, but then he’d have to kill us) but he didn’t each us to make pin wheels and I thought I’d share it with you.

You Will Need

A square piece of paper (any size)

A pencil with an eraser on the end

A pin

A teeny tiny washer (a sequin will work too)



  • Fold the paper in half diagonally and again to divide into 4 triangles
  • Cut about 2/3 pf the way down each fold

How to make pinwheels

  • Pierce every other point and the centre mark with the pin.

How to make make pinwheels

  • Gather the 4 pierced points onto the pin and then feed it through the centre

How to make pin wheels

  • Add the washer to the back

How to make pinwheels

  • Push the pin into the eraser at a 45 degree angle.

How to make pinwheels

  • Become obsessed and make hundreds in all different sizes (optional).

How to make pinwheels

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...