Be a social butterfly...

For a little while now, I’ve been badgering my family to spend a day with me in a bluebell wood.  I love bluebells and having planted dosens of English bluebells in our garden, we’ve yet to have any make it past our clay soil and aggressive rhododendrons 🙁

English bluebells are actually protected by UK law as they’re sadly in decline.  The more robust Spanish bluebell is pushing them out and cross pollination has resulted in hybrids, so if you can, plant a few English bluebells in your garden and help them along.

victory parade dress bluebells

As it was sunny on Bank Holiday Monday, Phill and Beth gave in to my longing for flowers and off we went.  I’d done a bit of research and found that Aughton is well known for it’s Nature Reserve’s massive show of bluebells.  So we parked at Crook o’Lune and took a walk along the river.  We weren’t disappointed – there was a carpet of blue and it just went on and on.  The smell was almost overwhelming at times and the sound of birds and crickets was like music.

Outdoor time with my family is so important to me and if our mobile connections are disrupted, then sometimes that’s even better.  It was lovely to spot Beth quietly taking photographs of wildlife – even my teen wasn’t too cool to admit the surroundings were beautiful!!

beth in bluebell wood

Gracie our pointer got some much needed excercise – a trip round the park just doesn’t compare to the sights, sounds and smells of a walk in the countryside.  She was so pooped afterwards that she slept all the way home (and so did I!).

gracie german short haired english pointer

Phill brought his big camera (technical term) and I brought a little picnic of pastries and flavoured water (but more about that another time!).

phill photography

When I met this man, he was a bit of a townie – now look at him.  Knee deep in bluebells taking pictures of moss….or fairies… or more blue bells, who knows ha!

ladybird bluebell

Ahh it was a ladybird!

I think ladybrids were just about the only things not featured on the dress I wore that day.  You know I love a 50s style dress and a walk amongst bluebells was an opportunity to wear my beautiful new Victory Parade dress, complete with flowers and butterflies.

victory parade dress butterfly flower bridge

I love this colour and the print is just so dainty.  The cut gives your bust a bit of oomph with straps that are wide enough to hide a proper bra and don’t fall down!  The dress is lines in the bodice, nips you in at the waist and happily the hem falls at that much coveted point just below the knee, giving you ladylike little ankles 🙂

The skirt isn’t too full so while you could wear this with a pair of heels and some glamorous waves for a party – it works just as well as a pretty day dress with flats and flowers in your hair.

flower hair

I don’t really do ‘what I wore’ posts but these pictures are making me think I should – here’s another.

victory parade dress 5

We’re so busy these days that family time is becoming more and more precious.  It was lovely to wander around in the relative peace and quiet of the woods.  The best part was linking arms with Beth, while we strolled back to the car.  Phill chased our crazy hound and for a little while, we were the only ones there.  Bliss.

english bluebell

Just incase you aren’t sure, an English bluebell has longer trumpet shaped flowers than it’s Spanish cousin and they all hang from the stem on one side like this.  They tend to droop and have the most glorious smell.

I hope you get to see some bluebells this year – they’re only around for a couple more weeks.

Love Rachel







Be a social butterfly...