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Hair makes all the difference to how you feel doesn’t it?  A good hair day will invariably be a better day than a bad hair day, that’s for sure!

My hair grows very quickly and has been a variety of colours from a deep chocolate brown, to very blonde, to bright pink (we were all 16 once!).  It’s usually quite long and often ‘due a trim’ as I’m a bit of a salon dodger.  It isn’t that I don’t like people touching my hair, I think it’s the awkwardness of spending an hour or two making small talk with someone I don’t know :-S  It makes me feel so uncomfortable, it really does, it freaks….me….out!

But I’ve finally found my perfect salon and happily they are just across the road!

Before anyone makes assumptions, let me tell you that no, I haven’t been paid to write this or given special discounts or treatment, I am just really happy with them!  See their Facebook page here.

My hairdresser, Chris is funny and easy to talk to, he’s the kind of person I’d happily call a friend and he’s even been cutting my handsome hubby’s hair recently too.  He revamped my hair completely last year (have a look here) and looked after it in the run up to my wedding.  On my Wedding day, the two Chris’ and the lovely Laura took care of me, my bridesmaids and special guests and kept me calm as the big moment approached.

Then as I came out of my house in the rain in my dress, they were all waiting for me, cheering me off.

But it isn’t enough to be nice is it, you go to a salon for a good cut and I always get one.  I tell Chris he can do whatever he likes with my hair, but since we met he’s been following Vintage Folly and knows that I like to recreate vintage / retro hairstyles, so although he has free reign, he reigns it in!  He gives me a cut that takes some of the weight out so that my curls stay in longer, but keeps layers long enough to work into rolls.

I’d describe it as a modern take on a traditional midi which is perfect for me.  What I’m left with is a style that looks light and feminine ‘as is’ but is easy to rework into 100s of styles.

I’ve posted pictures of a few of these styles recently and you lovely people seem to love them!  So I’ve decided to film some how to videos on Vintage Folly’s Youtube Channel.  If you want to be the first to see them, subscribe here.

I hope you’re all feeling fantastic today.

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...