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Like most Mums, I don’t get alot of time to do my hair and make up and like most women in general I am a lover of the ‘quick fix’.

This is a great hairstyle for the days when your hair needs to be off your face, but you still want it to look cute and maybe a little bit pin-up.

  Below is what I would call the ‘proper’ way to do it, but once you have the hang of it, you can create this look on day old curled hair and even straight hair if you put a bit of welly into your back combing/teasing.   This has become my ‘go to’ style when I’m in a mad rush or when the Heavens have opened and ruined my hair.   It’s so nice to have people complimenting your hair when just 15 minutes earlier, you looked like a drowned rat!!

You Will Need:

Curling tongs or good hair straighteners

Hair grips/bobby pins matching your hair colour

A comb for back combing/teasing

A smoothing comb/brush (anything with short bristles will work

Hair spray

A hair elastic/bobble

A scarf, handkerchief or headband


  • Brush your hair through and take am upside down ‘U’ shaped section of hair from the front.  This should use up all of your fringe and go almost to the crown of your head.
  • Pull the rest of the hair back out of your way and secure in an elastic/bobble.
  • In small sections, curl the front section of your hair in any direction and allow to cool.
  • Brush the curls together
  • Leave a thin front section smooth but back comb/tease the rest of that section ’til it begs you to stop!!
  • Spray with hairspray and allow to dry
  • Use the smoothing comb/brush to gently smooth the far left and right surface of this front section.  These surfaces will be the outside and inside of the roll.
  • Hold the front section vertically and begin to roll around your finger.  Continue to roll until all the hair is included and you are back at your head. This can take a few tries even when you’ve been creating this style for ages so don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect the first time.
  • Secure the roll using hair grips/bobby pins, but try to place them where they can’t be seen.
  • Now take the rest of your hair and secure it into a neat, high ponytail.
  • In small sections, curl your ponytail.
  • Back comb/tease the underneath of the ponytail a little to add volume.
  • Spray the whole lot with hairspray!!!
  • Tie your scarf around your head so that i just squashes the very back of your roll.
  • Admire your fabulous do.

Let me know how this turns out for you, I’d love to see your pictures.

Love Rachel


PS.  Kind souls will ignore the roots 🙂

PPS. This is now available as a video tutorial here

Be a social butterfly...