Be a social butterfly...

It has been a rough couple of weeks for me health-wise.  I live with an annoying condition, which results in me having low blood pressure.  Better than having high blood pressure?  I’m sure it is but unfortunately whilst diet, medicine and lifestyle changes may help combat high blood pressure, how does one going about increasing theirs??

At the best of times I feel tired: I am so used to feeling lethargic that it actually feels normal to me now.  At the worst of times, my speech becomes slurred, walking becomes difficult and I blooming faint!  The latter is very irritating indeed!

‘Good’ days have their own challenges.  If you have been close to useless for a couple of days, what do you do when you wake up feeling much better? Catch up with work? Family? Hobbies? Housework? Friends? Yourself?  I spend half my time feeling poorly and the other half feeling guilty, wondering which part of my life is more deserving of my attention.

I am assured that eventually I will ‘grow out’ of this condition and in truth it has vastly improved, due in no small part to the support of my nearest and dearest.  Sometimes I feel so much better that I can remember what it felt like to be me before all of this started, four years ago!

It is quite difficult to have a ‘poorliness’ that no one can really see, one which often requires effort just to be ‘normal’.  Sometimes, when it’s really bad I look terrible (and I mean really terrible!) but for the most part I do my best to put on a good show and few people would know to look at me, what is actually going on inside.

It is amazing the effect that our own appearance has on our demeanour.  If I wake up feeling rotten, scrape my hair back and pull on a pair of old jogging bottoms; I will almost certainly feel rotten for the rest of the day.  If however, I wear a little make-up, a pair of heels and something pretty, the day still has a chance!

When you look as though you’ve made an effort you hold your head that little bit higher.  People treat you differently, they smile more and you smile back.  When you have chosen to wear your loveliest shoes as opposed to the pair closest to the door, you walk with purpose, swagger even.

I have noticed that the most powerful item of clothing in my battle against lost days is…the red dress!

A red dress is a potent thing.  Because a red dress is considered a ‘brave’ thing to wear, slip one on and people already look at you as if you’re something special – I mean you must be to have the nerve to wear that dress…right?

Red is the colour of love, of Valentines roses, of cherries atop dainty cakes, of juicy Summer berries, of vintage lips, of fiery chillies, of sunset.  Red is the colour of so many things that make me smile.  If red is the colour of warning it is only ‘Warning sweethearts, I’m here and I’m fabulous!’

As you can see I have amassed a modest collection of red dresses 🙂  I try to wear them when I feel great!

We all have those days when we wake up and spookily our skin looks clearer, our hair shines and our eyes sparkle.  They may not happen often, but they do happen!  On these days I wear a red dress.  I also wear a red dress on days when I’m feeling especially loved up; for romantic evenings in or out.  If something is is good I wear red even if it is only on my nails.

I also wear red on my worst days and the memory of all those good times and the feelings I associate with them, lifts me as much as the colour!  So if you see me sauntering around, a scarlet woman or I say that today is a ‘red dress’ day, I wonder whether you will be able to guess whether it is a day when I need to feel better, or a day when I couldn’t be better!!?




Be a social butterfly...