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Who knew that laundry could cause so much stress!!  Four weeks ago, our washing machine decided to leak: not a little bit….alot!  It took every dirty towel, most of our clean towels and a hell of a lot of mopping to clear away the water and I only just prevented the complete destruction of the newly laid floor.  What a nightmare.

I quite like doing laundry.  I absolutely despise, avoid, don’t like ironing, but I enjoy taking care of fabrics, sorting them and hanging my loved one’s clothes on the line.

We’re a small family but I seem to use my washing machine every single day!  Why?  Are we a clumsy family that gets dirty often, or just three vain divas who change their outfits too much?   Honestly the answer is both! Whereas I know that many people wear things like jeans twice or more before washing, we don’t; PJs are worn only once aswell and all three of us are prone to changing our clothes during the day, just because we feel like it.

In short we take clean clothes for granted and probably waste water and electricity by using the washer too much.

Ok see, we learnt our lesson!  Now please, can we have a fully functioning washing machine again!!!!????  Please!?  I am absolutely desperate, because our all singing, all dancing, one year old washing machine, that broke down and leaked 4 weeks ago…..still isn’t working!!!

I’ve been hand washing Beth’s school uniform, using friends and family’s machines, we’ve spent a fortune at the laundrette for my sweaters to be turned to felt and I’ve been wearing clothes that even my brother…..even in his student days, would have considered fit only for the laundry basket.  It’s been horrendous.

Apparently the repairmen couldn’t find a serial number to confirm which ‘version’ the machine was and so they all struggled to know which specific part to order.  After speaking to the manufacturers, yesterday we waited for their own repair man.

I was so excited, no really I was.  I think I even dreamt of doing the laundry last night.  Everything was sorted into bags; wool wash, lights, darks, white cottons etc etc.  I was ready.  Like Dame Washalot (The Faraway Tree – Enid Blyton) I would wash and wash until there was nothing left to wash and then I’d wash the leaves from the trees!!  Ok maybe I wouldn’t be exactly like Dame Washalot 😛

But he couldn’t mend it!!  It will be another week at least before he can and we have an overseas trip to go on.  We have no clean towels, all my best clothes are worn and I’ve washed so many things by hand that my poor fingers look like they belong to a fisherman!

I promise that now I truly appreciate how lucky we (that means you too) are to have such luxuries as washing machines.  Add to that cookers, fridges, cars and central heating and actually we live in palaces don’t we??

So next week, we’re going to China with a limited wardrobe of slightly shrunken sweaters, crispy hand washed pants and a variety of other items that we probably should have got rid of a long time ago!  But, by the time we get home, we’ll be able to have freshly washed linens, fluffy towels and frankly too many clothes again!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...