Be a social butterfly...

I wear alot of bangles!  Once I went to a party without any bangles on and a friend of mine actually stopped me and said “Where Re your bangles Rach?” She thought I’d taken them off to wash my hands and lost them somewhere!  Vintage bangles are surprisingly easy to find but they are often in weird unusual colours.  If you want a really unique piece that can be made to match any outfit you like, why not customise a cheap bangle with your favourite vintage fabric.

fabric covered bangle smell roses alan titchmarsh pink hair

The best thing about these bangles is that they use very thin strips of fabric.  We all know how much I hate waste especially when it comes to vintage material; I say use it, but make the most of it!!

You Will Need:

1m strip of fabric (more than 3cm wide but less than 10cm wide)  I recommend that you cut the fabric with pinking shears as it makes it easier to smooth any edges.

A bangle ‘blank’ or a boring plain bangle

PVA Glue


vintage fabric and bangle blank


  • Clean and dry our bangle/blank.
  • Use a small blob of super glue to attach one end of the strip of fabric to the inside of the bangle.  Do this with the strip at a very slight angle.
  • Allow to dry
  • Once the superglue is dry, spread PVA glue onto your blank and begin to wrap the fabric around.


  • After every two ‘wraps’ brush a little PVA onto the fabric that has already been wrapped around the bangle.
  • keep the fabric taught and check regularly that it is being wrapped evenly.
  • When you get to the end, trim any excess and secure the last piece with a small blob of super glue.
  • Cover the whole thing with PVA and allow to dry completely (for a couple of days if necessarry)

fabric covered bangle roses alan titchmarsh pink hair

Wear your bangle with pride!!

fabric covered bangle smell roses alan titchmarsh pink hair

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...