Be a social butterfly...

Most people love a good sunny holiday. For most people, it’s what gets them through the year. Knowing that they’re going to be able to sit in the sun, on a beach or next to the pool, sipping the nicest cocktails.

It’s just a dream come true for the most of us. Unfortunately, they do only come round once a year, and when they do you have to try and make the most of them. The first is actually deciding where it is that you want to go. If you’re looking for a truly sun kissed holiday, we’ve got a unique destination that isn’t always on peoples hit list, and that’s India. So, we’re going to try and convince you why it should 100% be your next holiday!

The Wonders

The wonders are truly one of the reasons why so many people chose to visit. India is surprisingly rich in history, and the main thing you’ll get to see is an array of temples, tombs, and other artifacts that might spark your interest. The different bits of history that you’ll be able to explore will leave you in awe. Let’s not forget the world famous Taj Mahal that you wouldn’t be able to visit India without missing! When you’re done exploring, hotels such as the Courtyard Raipur will be perfect for you to rest your head. If you get a hotel in a central location, you’ll find it so much easier to access thing such as taxis, or just be in walking distance of what you want to see. Be warned though, India is extremely hot at the minute, and the weather can be a little too much for some people. Always make sure you’re being sensible in the sun, this definitely is one of the most sunkissed holidays.


The Food

The food out there is amazing. Don’t just think that because you don’t like Indians back at home that that’s what it’s going to be like in India. The food over there is properly home cooked food, whereas the food over here is actually filled with so much sugar. Don’t get us wrong, the Indian restaurants over here do know how to cook a mean curry, and it is really similar to what you’ll find over there, but the food they actually produce in India has an exquisite taste. It isn’t all Indian food either, you’ll be able to find some really yummy tasting European foods if you’re struggling with Indian food. One thing we could not recommend more is taking something such as imodium with you. The food will inevitably give you a bad belly, even if it doesn’t back at home.


The Culture

Indian culture is rich, it’s the birthplace of buddhism, hinduism, and other such religions. Often at certain parts of the day a lot of establishments will be closed ready for prayer, and this does make it a rather strict country. Whatever you do, don’t disrespect the culture you see, it could get you in a world of trouble. What you might like to do however is travel to a buddhist temple and be blessed by one of the monks!

Be a social butterfly...