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Phill and I had a date night on Saturday – we headed into Liverpool just the two of us and gorged ourselves at Bem Brazil!  Well actually it became a bit of a date weekend with Sunday seeing us fearfully, tenatively, stupidly bravely driving to Harrogate and enjoy a treat that couldn’t have been more different than the night before: afternoon tea at Betty’s Tea Room.

bettys tea room menu

We’ve been intending to visit Betty’s for some time now, initially planning on taking our own Betty (Beth) but finding ourselves at a loose end, we decided to pay them a visit.  Any excuse to give my new dress an outing!

bettys tea room harrogate vintage

Harrogate is a beautiful place with some fascinating architecture and approaching Betty’s, the first thing we spotted was the iconic façade – the second thing we spotted was the queue in front of it!  Despite snow and ice outside the queue of people wanting to sample Betty’s delights was already winding out of the door when we joined it.  But as cold as the wait was, the welcome was warm.

afternoon tea bettys tea room

We decided on afternoon tea for two – how quaint haha!  I love seeing my husband’s man-hands lifting delicate Royal Doulton china, complete with pinky, it always makes me giggle.

bettys tea room phill

You’d be forgiven for thinking he was only here eating delicate sandwiches and drinking tea for my benefit, but you’d be wrong….Phill’s here for the scones (or scowns as he calls them – wrongly of course!).

scone bettys tea room

The pronunciation of ‘scones’ is a bit of a bone of contention in our house, but none of us have ever really had an opinion on the clotted cream/jam debate.  Jam first or cream?  I don’t know but just so that upset the disposition of scone lovers, I did both!!

sandwiches bettys tea room


The sandwiches were petite but delicious with a little of Betty’s onion chutney.  We may have treated ourselves to a jar of it from the shop  – it was so good.  And the delicate trio of deserts….well see for yourself.

desert bettys tea room


Each one was perfect, just perfect and I’ve never tasted a nicer Macaron.

We’ll be heading back to Betty’s in the next couple of months so that Beth can sample the delights of afternoon tea and next time, we’ll try some of their famous Fat Rascals….oh and we’ll be booking in advance haha!

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...