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Unlike a lot of high street jewellers, Browns Family Jewellers sell vintage pieces.  Not only that, they list them on their website, meaning that you can browse their collection whenever and wherever you like, even if you can’t get to one of their stores (or if the fireplace is just too nice a spot to leave).

Rosefield gold watch fireside cozy

Their vintage and antique jewellery collection is vast and of a really high quality but unfortunately for me, it’s also largely out of my price range.  Perhaps one day when the girls are all grown up I shall have a dressing table full of old gold and diamonds, but for now I’m happy with my little collection of vintage brooches and beads and my new but vintage inspired pieces.

For the time being I actually prefer modern accessories – while my children are young, I feel less anxious about wearing something new then I would about something old.  Particularly something you wear all the time like a watch.  Watches are a funny thing though aren’t they.  It can be very difficult to find one that matches your style or if you’re like me, the many styles that you wear.

Rosefield gold watch retro Christmas decoration

Obviously I’m a fan of all things mid-century, so a watch needs to be classic enough to suit outfits reminiscent of the 40s, 50s and early 60s.  But I’m also a busy mum who sometimes has to wear jeans and a top or tow the line when it comes to modern parent’s evening chic.  I didn’t think that one time-piece could suit both sides of me, but I was wrong and oh so surprised when Browns suggested the Rosefield Tribeca Watch.

Rosefield gold watch browns family jewellers

Browns made this suggestion after checking out my blog and Instagram and I must say, it shows what a ‘consultation’ with a  jewellery expert can do.   I mean it when I say that I would NEVER have purchased a yellow gold watch.  I’m of the generation that fell deeply in love with silver and white gold – a child of the 90s who loved thumb rings and gemstone jewellery.  Yellow gold always seemed so grown up.  And yet the moment I saw this watch, I fell deeply in love.

The Tribeca has a simple white face, with a highly polished frame and a delicate, gold-plated mesh strap that can be easily adjusted without a trip to the jewellers.  The whole look is really classic and elegant and remarkably doesn’t clash at all with my white gold wedding rings.   In fact so far it goes with everything.

Rosefield gold watch Christmas fireplace cozy

Although it’s understated, the sparkle and shine that comes off this piece is incredible and really makes a statement peeping out from beneath your sleeve.  The simplicity of the design makes it perfect for every day use.  The face is flat and there are no hard edges to snag on clothing or scratch little one’s.   But because of that shine and sparkle, the watch doesn’t look out of place with an evening dress.

Browns have kindly offered to give one of you a Rosefield Tribeca watch of your own which will come beautifully gift boxed and (Royal Mail dependant!) in time for Christmas.  For your chance, simply enter my competition below.

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Since I’m finding myself rolling up my sleeve to show off my new watch check the time more frequently these days, I’m interested to know,  what’s your favourite time of day?

Love Rachel


*Competition Open to UK readers only.  I was gifted this item for the purposes of a review but all opinions are honest and all my own*

Be a social butterfly...

  • Hello Beautiful Bear

    Ooh this is gorgeous Rachel and it totally suits you! I don’t usually like yellow gold either but this is a beauty. And to think that they sussed your style just by your blog and insta? That’s brilliant, hats off to them! My favourite time of of day is the bedtime routine with Lily – especially the bath and story, they’re really fun. Either that or morning cuddles! x

  • What a beautiful piece. Not something I’d usually choose but I really like it.

    Cat x

  • Penny-sue Wolfe

    My favourite time of day is bed time!!! I am good at sleeping (apart from tonight it would seem)!
    This watch is stunning!!

  • Clare Ingram

    My favourite time of day is picking up my boy from nursery. He comes running out with arms open, huge smiles, calling “Mummy” and then gives me a massive cuddle – melts my heart ❤️️

  • Marie Betty Davis

    My favourite time of day is 5:30am when the household is nice and quiet, just before the daily madness ensues! X

  • Mancunian Vintage

    At the moment my favourite time of day is snuggling up in bed to drink hot chocolate and binge-watch something on Netflix. There’s definitely something in this hibernation malarkey! 😉

  • Cate Brassington

    A beautiful watch. My favourite time is spending time with my family x

  • Kacie Morgan

    That’s a really nice watch and it’ll go well with lots of different outfits 🙂

  • kim neville

    In the evening when I can relax more

  • Liz Purkis

    I think evening ’cause I get to spend it with Toby. We have some great discussions about all sorts of stuff.

  • I entered the giveaway! I think my favourite time of day is specifically a weekend on a Friday night. Love the watch xx

  • Hannah Latoya Bond

    I do like the vintage collection they have, it looks great x

  • JennieWhitwood

    My favourite time of the day is bath time. I get time to play with my baba then when my husband puts her to bed I get a few quiet moments of bliss to myself. Lovely.

  • Jane Allen

    My favourite time of day is that half an hour in the morning when I get to have a nice quiet cup of tea before my kids get up for school.

  • Bex Smith

    That watch is absolutely gorgeous – my favourite time of the day atm is bedtime as I need my sleep, haha

  • Ickle Pickle

    I love this watch – what a gorgeous, classic piece. Kaz x

  • This watch is gorgeous, pretty, yet simple, perfect for lots of different looks!

  • Cassandra Mayers

    Such a Beautiful watch!!! 😀 I really do need a pretty watch, I don’t own one.

  • Cassandra Mayers

    At the moment, I love bedtime! Thats my favourite time of the day. haha

  • *Beth Twinderelmo*

    What a stunning watch. I love vintage pieces too that are timeless

  • sharon martin

    bedtime as its relax and sleep time, getting time to myself time