Be a social butterfly...

This is a little late as I’ve been snowed under trying to catch up on normal life since returning from our Babymoon.

turkey family holiday babymoon

Turkey was absolutely lush!!  A beautiful country with great food, glorious weather and friendly people.  We’d go again in a heartbeat….but may wait a year or so ;-P

Just a few top tips if you’re planning a Babymoon of your own:

  • Pack your carry on luggage carefully.  Your travel companions may say they’ll carry/pull it and for the most part they will.  But even the most conscientious amongst us can be tempted by duty free purchases on the way home and that’s precisely when you WON’T want to be carrying anything heavier than you have to.
  • Check your dates.  Travel is allowed between certain weeks, but I noticed some variation between airlines, so check their policy and if in doubt check with your doctor.  They may write you a fit to fly note.
  • Buy decent travel insurance.  Make sure it covers your current condition ;-P and any treatment that your baby may need.  Mine wasn’t costly, just do a bit of googling.
  • Take your notes.  Your maternity notes have everything you’ll need should you need to make use of the local medical services.
  • Flight socks.  You need them.  They’re not sexy or fun, but they’re your best chance of avoiding DVT which you’re at higher risk of whilst pregnant.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Remember how easy it is to become dehydrated back home and drink way more than usual during the flight and holiday.
  • Take your medicines. Sometimes we get ill on holiday.  Perhaps all you’ll need is a paracetamol and how much more comfortable will you be taking medicines from home, in packaging you recognise, with a language you can read?
  • Take care in the sun.  We burn much more easily when pregnant, so buy a bottle of higher factor sun block and pack a few cover ups…just incase.
  • Think first – eat later.  It might seem tempting to try all of the local cuisine, but be careful.  Generally you’ll be advised to avoid local water and salad is rarely washed using bottles!  Street food may be delicious and at any other time in your life, it’d be fine, but right now only eat food that you’re confident has been properly and fully cooked and where possible, check for recommendations from previous visitors.

turkey figs

Following these tips, I managed a week in a hot country without any issues and had a fantastic time.  I loved being pregnant around the pool – even if it did cause a few people to do a double take.  This will likely be the last time I ever have a baby bump, so let them stare 🙂

turkey 22 week baby bump

I won’t bore you with too many details, here are the best bits of our Babymoon.

turkey sunset

turkey hammock

turkey phill and beth

turkey hibiscus

turkey phill sunbath]

turkey beach

Here’s my bump at 22weeks:

22 weeks pregnant bump

…and here it is at 22.5 weeks when we got home 🙂  Look how different they are – and I don’t just mean the background!

23 weeks pregnant bump

Current cravings:  Watermelon.  I ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even as a midnight snack.  I couldn’t get enough of the stuff!

Missing thing: cheese.  Our hotel served a huge platter of local cheeses with every meal, but unfortunately I never did work out the Turkish translation for “is this made from of pasteurised milk?” 🙁

Surprising thing: Tummy and boob fluctuations…they can go from big to (relatively) small and back again in the course of an afternoon!

Annoying Thing:  Cramps.  Everytime I stretch my legs I risk a bout of leg cramp…it’s really painful :-/

Best thing: Standing up from the sun lounger and not having that moment when you hold your tummy in before you walk to the pool ;-P

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...