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Hello third trimester…..goodbye shaving my own legs, being able to see my toes and standing up without making that ‘hmmph’ noise.

I’m big now, I’m really big.  Some days I feel so full of baby that I can’t imagine getting any bigger, but then I remember that I still have 2 1/2 months left of getting bigger.

28 weeks pregnant bump

Our baby is very active indeed and now responds to voices.  She’s particularly fond of Phill and Beth (naturally) but also has a big affection for my friend Hollie and will kick and wriggle for her pretty much on demand.

She likes to toy with sonographers trying to get a clear picture of her and basically anyone who tries to check her heartbeat.  She’ll turn her back to an ultrasound and literally kick any monitor that goes near my tummy.  I quite like that she’s so ‘rebellious’ but I would’ve liked to have seen her face at our scan last week.  Sadly as she’s still breech (bottom down) and was facing my back, I had no chance to see anything other than a lovely shot of her spine.  The sonographer was convinced she could see a full head of hair!  I couldn’t make out what she was pointing at and eventually just smiled and nodded – ‘Oh yeah’.  😮

I dream about her alot and imagine what our lives will be like this time next year, the year after and years after that. I imagine Beth playing games with her, Phill reading her bedtime stories.  Then I remind myself to be present now and enjoy the time I have left when she’s mine `all mine 🙂

Enjoying pregnancy has been difficult for the last couple of weeks as my back pain has developed into full-blown SPD.  It’s made sleeping, walking, standing and sitting painful and with every extra cm she grows and every wiggle and squirm it hurts more.  It’s making me really sad so I’m going to try not to dwell on it here…but yeah….SPD sucks.

Current Craving:  Nougat again and tangy sharp flavours like coleslaw made with garlic oil, anything containing lime juice and vinegar.  All of which I consume like a complete animal!!

Missing thing: sleep.  I can’t sleep with my sore back 🙁

Surprising thing:  How different this pregnancy is to my last one! Beth posed for scans, was head down from 25 weeks and apart from pretty bad morning sickness, caused me no real issues until she decided to stick around two weeks past her due date!  This baby is a little minx  😮

Annoying thing:  Having to ask for help – particularly when I drop something, need to reach for something etc.  I’ve got to the stage where if I drop something on the floor, I seriously consider how much I really want said item before even attempting to retrieve it! :-S

Best thing: No stretch marks….well…no stretch marks yet!  Phill thought he spotted one the other day but it was just a scar from my surgery last year – honestly I don’t know how he thought a stretchmark would form with those little stitch marks!

Love Rachel




Be a social butterfly...