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You might imagine that when I told my 14 year old daughter that we were going to see Disney’s Frozen On Ice, that she’d roll her eyes and make a generic, unimpressed sound.  You’d be wrong.  Beth broke into a rather dramatic rendition of ‘Let It Go!’  Because you see, you’re never too old for Disney and if you are then it doesn’t matter because we now have Dottie to use as an excuse and I get the feeling that Dottie may be going to see a few more shows like this.

When taking your baby sister to see Disney On Ice seems like a great idea...and then Anna insists on holding your hand for a photo
When taking your baby sister to see Disney On Ice seems like a great idea…and then Anna insists on holding your hand for a photo

Beth’s went to a Disney On Ice show with her Grandparents when she was a little girl but for the rest of us, this was our first time and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  So for any other first timers out there, particularly those headed to see Frozen at the Echo Arena, thought a few tips may be helpful.

1. Dress Up

I mean why not!  It isn’t every day that you get to see your heroes dance and sing right in front of you.  I saw so many children in costumes and I bet most of those who weren’t, wish that they were.

That said I can remember the cries of “my princess dress is itchy!” From when Beth was small, so perhaps a tee shirt underneath would be a good idea.

Frozen on ice

2. Wear Layers

I fully expected to be freezing at Disney On Ice.  Surely the clue is on the name…right?  I wrapped myself and Dottie up in lots of layers and a coat and hat and scarf and I bribed Beth into wearing hers….only to strip all of it off as sooon as we arrived.  It was so warm!  But as soon as we left the building, into what certainly felt like sub-zero temperatures, our teeth were chattering.

Play it safe – wear layers.  That way you’re fine if it’s warm and if you’re unlucky enough to find yourself in a cold spot.

3. Set A Budget

I’m sure it goes without saying that the Disney merchandise on sale is expensive.  I think the cheapest items were a pop corn bag and a show programme and they cost £8!  If you want to get your little one a toy, wand, cup etc you should expect to pay £10-15 minimum.

So let them know beforehand that either the gift shop is not on the agenda or that they have an upper limit on what they can spend.

Disney On Ice frozen olaf

4. Toilet Breaks

Basically don’t fret about them.  Go before the show and if you think your little one will be sad to miss a particular song then it’s possibly worth encouraging them to hold on.  It’s not a terribly long show and there’s a whopping 25 minute interval which is more than enough time for everyone to pop to the loo.  Provided you don’t fill your child up with fizzy drinks, you should be ok.

I’m also happy to report that the Echo Arena had baby changing facilities in both the male and female toilets.

Frozen on ice

5. Don’t Rush Off

It’s pointless.  All those families march out into the freezing cold, only to stand in a queue to pay for car park.  You’re far better off staying put and taking a few pictures with your  children, before heading off home.

If you think you might have issues with an over tired, mega stimulated child, not wanting to leave – I saw one family who had brought along a gift to open.  It was a set of Frozen pyjamas to be put on when the little girl got home.  Genius ?

Disney On Ice frozen echo arena Olaf snowman dress

6. Bring Food

There’s no proper food there so you’ll need to have a meal beforehand and if you’d like snacks and drinks then bring those too.  Trust me.  Tonight I paid nearly £2 for a KitKat Chunky *weeps*

Don’t bring loads though – some people seem to take enough for a picnic but there’s really no need and really no room for the bags!   You absolutely don’t want to be ‘that person’ that everyone’s climbing over.

7. Don’t Film It

Take it from the woman who was getting annoyed because she couldn’t focus on Elsa!  There’s no point in filming it.  You won’t capture the essence of the show because you really do have to be there.  You probably won’t ever watch it again because it won’t be quite the same (or very well focused).  You’ll miss out on the best bits (like Elsa’s transformation ?) because you’re trying to record it.  I could go on but I won’t, I’ve learned my lesson that’s for sure.

Disney On Ice frozen

8. Wear Flat Shoes

Don’t get me wrong, there aren’t masses of stairs, but the stairs are concrete and there are lots of small children.  Add to that a couple of spillages, some low lights and heels and you’ve a recipe for disaster.

Once you’ve seen a reindeer ice scate, you’ll be embarrassed enough about your lack of poise without toppling down the steps!

9. You’re never too old or young.  While Dottie may have fallen fast asleep half way through the second part of the show, she was laughing and dancing along to the music before that.  We saw quite a few tiny ones and they seemed to love it.  So too did the many teenagers and unaccompanied adults!

Don’t assume that anyone is ‘too old’ or ‘too young’ and make a proper family night of it ?

The palmers frozen Disney On Ice echo arena

10. Be Prepared To Be Hooked

It was so good!  100s of parents and children singing along to some of the most uplifting songs I know was a beautiful experience and the performances were captivating! I really can’t stress enough how ‘worth it’ the show was.  I also can’t begin to explain why, you simply have to see for yourself.

Frozen is showing at The Liverpool Echo arena until the 4th of December ?❄️

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Be a social butterfly...