Be a social butterfly...

Ahh a whole year of Dorothy ?  I’ve been meaning to post this for a while so it’s a little bit retrospective now.  Nevertheless here’s 12 quick gems about our youngest daughter at 12 months.

1. Dorothy’s favourite food is cheese.  Like a puppy she’ll do anything for a little cube of cheddar!

2. She can drink out of a normal cup and walks around furniture.

3. Her favourite thing to do is feed the ducks.  I have to keep emergency bird food in her changing bag just incase we come across a duck pond!

4. We sing all the time and and Dottie’s favourite song is Row, row, row your boat which she sings over and over again when she’s supposed to be going to sleep.  We hear her over the baby monitor going ‘gently down the stream’ for ages!

5. She has a big gap between her two front with which she gets from me.  Until I was about 12 I could fit a pound coin between mine ?

6. She adores her big sister and cries when she goes to school.

7. Dorothy LOVES phones.  She understands that you have to use your finger on the screen to make things happen but currently she seems to think that everyone on the phone is Daddy and gets cross when she can’t talk to him.

8. I call her dodger because she pinches but things!  She loves bags and purses and will empty them every chance she gets.

9. Recently I showed her how to press the button at a pelican crossing (never too young for the green cross code) and now she tries to press EVERY button she sees.  This can be quite problematic on the bus!

10. When she wakes up in the morning, the first person she calls for is Lola….our cat.

11. She’s going to be a fan of accessories.  Dorothy likes to try on people’s scarves, lanyards, headbands etc.  Anything she can put over her head.

12. Hiya!!  Dottie shouts hiya at everyone.  I love it when she shouts hiya at a grumpy person.  If they don’t reply she just shouts louder and with a more insistant tone until they respond ?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...