Be a social butterfly...

I’ve had quite a ‘challenging’ week whilst Phill has been in America.  It hasn’t helped that I haven’t had my soul-mate here to talk to and I really do appreciate more than ever how much my beautiful fiancé means to me.  I’ve spoken before about my commitment to myself that my blog would be an outlet for positive things so I shan’t be boring you with my troubles!

The World is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people and wonderful experiences to be had.  There is no need to be fearful, anxious or alone; everything is going to be ok.

If I were in charge, if I made the rules, this is how things would be; everywhere, for everyone, all the time.  In fact in my mind, this is how they are most of the time and when they’re not, these are the things I look at, think about and read to remind me 🙂  Welcome to the inside of my head!

If all else fails I remember this :

“There is no trouble so great or so grave, that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.”

Bernard Paul Heroux

I’ll drink to that!

Love Rachel


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Be a social butterfly...