Be a social butterfly...

This evening I was in our loft, extracting a pop-up tent.  My friend Maggie is borrowing it for a sponsored sleep-over she is taking part in, with scores of children from the Nursery, where she is deputy manager.  They are raising money for Children in Need.  Phill and I were asked for sponsorship after a couple of drinks – a cunning plan ;-P

When we recently moved house, I shed alot of my ‘memory box’ items, but not all! I’ve just had the compulsory rummage through old cards, baby clothes etc and I came across this!!!

This is me!!  I’m wearing what appears to be a home-made angel/fairy costume and I must be about 3-4 years old, which means this is 1987.  Look at my beads – I made a necklace like that today!  Did you ever see a face filled with so much joy?  Handmade is best!!!

My Mother and I are very different people but one thing we will always have in common is our love of the unique, the heartfelt and the handmade.  Indeed I believe it is because I was surrounded by crafts from such an early age that I have the confidence to launch into new projects without considering whether or not I possess the necessary skills!

Bethany was tiny and very poorly during her first Christmas but by her second, she and I had moved out, into a little pink cottage in Sproughton in Suffolk.  For me Christmas is about traditions, whether they be commonplace or specific to your own family.  In the September before Beth’s second Christmas, I set about creating mine.

As I was up there, I brought Bethany’s trusty old Advent calendar down from the loft, ready to be filled with goodies 🙂

This was the first thing I ever made for her, the first thing I ever really made for anyone and it took me three months!!

As you can see the sewing is not particularly well done….

…the materials are not of the highest quality…

..and the design is flawed.  This rather crude offering of Christmas affection may not have been made by a person with much skill, much money or much experience; but the 19 year old Mummy that made this did so with BUCKETS of love.

My sewing skills have vastly improved since then and I have asked Beth if she would like me to make her an updated version?   Something a little more stylish, stronger and prettier.  She scoffed at the idea!  She says she loves it because it’s hers, it’s always been hers and because I made it.  Funnily enough that’s kind of how I feel about Beth!!! 😛

But I’m itching to make one!!  There are so many beautiful fabrics out there, I could really make her something amazing!!  Maybe I’ll make one for Phill, or for the whole Family??  Either way this old girl is going nowhere.

Once I have seen to her repairs, which are required every year as excited hands tend to damage the loosely sewn pockets, she will be filled with chocolate coins, candy canes and messages from Christmas Fairies.

The fairies like to leave clues that if followed, lead to presents, usually a crafty book or something to colour.  Cleverly the fairies always leave these in the pockets that will be opened at the weekend – how do they know????

Part of the reason I thought it would be nice to show this to you is because it proves that when it comes to the handmade, perfection isn’t always the be all and end all.   The receiver of your hand made items will feel so loved as the time, effort and affection you put in will be evident.  Have a go!  What’s the worst that can happen?



Be a social butterfly...