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Phill and I were were interviewed by our local registrar today.   This is normal procedure prior to a Wedding and is done to ensure that both parties are legally allowed to get married and are doing so for the right reasons.

Phill and I are, of course, legally allowed to marry and are doing so because we love each other.  So why did I go cherry red and begin to giggle like a lunatic?!

Honestly I did!  The registrar, who was a nice lady named Kiran asked me if there was any chance that Phill and I could be related and chuckling I replied “I bloody hope not.”  Apparently this is not a funny joke.

I told her I was an administrative assistant which I am not and (believe it or not) I completely forgot the spelling of my own Father’s name!!

I get like this whenever I’m questioned.  My ticket in hand, I will still begin to fluster as the train conductor approaches; as a police car pulls up behind us, I try to ‘act natural’, even though I haven’t done anything wrong.

Why do I get so nervous?  I don’t know, I have nothing to hide.  I think I just fear the fact that one person, for that moment, has so much control over my life; that they might misconstrue something that I say or do?

As it happens, Kiran saw through the nervous laugh and the flushed cheeks and despite a couple of issues with my surname (which was legally changed to my Step-father’s name when I was 6), it looks as though we will be just fine.  I really am getting married to my Mr Right!

Love Rachel

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Be a social butterfly...