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If you live in the North West, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Bents Garden Centre.  If not then let me tell you a little bit about it.  Bents is more like a shopping destination than a garden centre.  They sell plants and hard landscaping products but also gifts, books, food and homewares.  And the food in their restaurant is just incredible!

People really look forward to their visit and often make an outing of it rather than a quick stop and EVERYONE looks froward to the launch of their Christmas display.

So I feel a wee bit guilty telling you that Phill and I got to see it on Sunday, three days before anyone else 😮   That said, the three of us (Beth rather sensibly elected to stay in bed!) did have to get up at 7am on a Sunday morning for the privilege, so I don’t feel THAT guilty!

rachel phill dottieBents Christmas shop is opening today, so I’m finally allowed to publish some of the beautiful pictures we’ve been harbouring.  Brace yourselves and your Christmas lists, because you’re going to want it all.

red door tinsel baby

The displays weren’t quite finished when we saw them but we got a glimpse off what will become a glamorous powder room, a photo booth, Santa’s workshop and a stunning ‘outside’ dining area.

christmas dressing table

There’s a distinct ‘time’ theme running throughout this year’s display, with watches and clock faces adorning trees and fireplaces.

brass clock Christmas

I’m not sure I fancy risking hanging a time-piece from my tree this year, but I’ll take two of these for either side of the front door 🙂  Nothing OTT about that…right?  🙂

pegasusWho am I kidding – I love over the top Christmas decorations, which is probably why this decadent, sparkly, dare I say Liberace-esque tree was my absolute favourite…

glamorous tree decorations christmas

…and Dottie’s too!

dottie baby christmas tree crystal

We all know that it takes very little to awaken my festive cheer but I was bursting with it by the time we left!

merry christmas

Just 11 weeks to go people!!  11 weeks!!

Love Rachel






Be a social butterfly...

  • Wow just looking at those photos has suddenly made me feel super festive x

  • bericebaby

    You photos are awesome hun.
    I love Christmas (After Halloween obviously)
    Im from East London so not heard of Bents Garden Centre – Looks amazing thought!
    11 Weeks and counting 😀
    Charlotte x

  • 11 weeks and I’m holding on to every last day. I’m such a scrooge, it’s far too cold to be happy and festive! Can’t I just hibernate until spring? 🙁

    *Your photos are fab btw- that clock face is stunning*

  • This is makig me ridiculously festive!! I love Xmas and I’m super happy to have seen this post! Love it 😉 Great pics

  • Love love love it! I’m feeling so festive now!!

  • Zena’s Suitcase

    Wow! The displays look amazing. I would definitely visit here if I lived nearer. I was really disappointed with our garden centre last year

  • Didn’t know garden centres did things like this! Can’t believe Christmas is so soon.

  • Francesca Nelson

    Ahhh this is so magical!! I love that photo of your little girl with the tinsel!!

  • Looks great, especially the pretty bird at the bottom!