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I love this time of year!  Crispy leave, hot drinks and all things spooky.  But Halloween decorations don’t have to be ghoulish – what do you think of my Paperback Pumpkin?

Make from old books that even my local Charity shop were going to throw away, I think it’s a thing of upcycled beauty.

paperback pumkin book craft halloween 2

Please, please, please don’t cut up books that could still be enjoyed by someone else.  The lady at our local Charity shop rescued the ones I used from their recycling bin, placed there because they were ‘yellowing’.  I’m sorry Ian Rankin :-S

You Will Need:

two paperback books

A pen

Sharp Scissors

 A thick twig

Pipe cleaner (optional


old books


  • Draw a ‘half pumpkin’ shape on the cover of one of your books and cut around.  You need to remove any straight edges from the long sides but leave a flat edge at one of the short sides.

draw shape

  • Use that as a template to draw and cut out the same shape on a few pages at a time.
  • Do this to both books, checking regularly that the shape matches.

old books shaped

  • Then you quite simply staple the book covers together back to back.  You might want to include a page or two aswell just to disguise the different colours and textures.
  • Stick your stick into the centre to create a stalk and if you like, use a pipe cleaner to add a curly stem.

paperback pumkin book craft halloween

That’s it!  So simple yet so effective.  Use the pumpkin as a decoration in your window or on a table.

What do you think?

Love Rachel


Be a social butterfly...